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Milwaukee College Financial Planners

 Even When Wisconsin Expected Family Contributions Are Too High, We Provide Financial Aid Help

Wisconsin parents and students often have to figure out how to pay for college without knowing about all the options they really have. Local high school students are typically directed to apply for Wisconsin colleges and are told FAFSA is essential for affording college.

The Milwaukee college financial planners at Integrated College Planning provide FAFSA help and financial advising to help you and your student make college more affordable. We go beyond the basics with strategies to maximize your financial aid in and out of state, design long-term planning for Expected Family Contribution and taxes. Learn more about Wisconsin student loans, scholarships, grants and get FAFSA help by attending one of our FREE financial aid workshops near Milwaukee or scheduling a FREE financial aid consultation

Wisconsin College Financial Aid Workshops

 College Student Loan Help Wisconsin

Apply for Wisconsin Financial Aid

Don't think you'll qualify for the benefits of financial aid? Our college financial planners have helped students and families of all income levels receive college funding. We'll help you complete FAFSA, find grants and apply for Wisconsin merit scholarships. Find out what's included in college financial planning. Have questions? Check out our financial aid FAQ. Ready to find out how we can make college affordable for your family? Contact us today and start saving! 

Free College Planning Consultation Milwaukee College Financial Planning Workshops MilwaukeeOnline College Financial Aid Workshops Wisconsin


Financial Aid Help WisconsinHelp with Paying for College Tuition in Wisconsin

Our Milwaukee College Financial Planning Workshops Help You Maximize Financial Aid, Scholarships & Grants

Whether your child plans on staying in the dorms, living at home, or moving out after graduating from high school, college is always an expensive investment. Plus, when you're done with school you're not even guaranteed a job! Paying off large loans after college can take decades, but if you plan now, you can save a lot of money later. At Integrated College Planning, our Waukesha college prep workshops educate Wisconsin parents and students on the best college savings plans and how to get the most college funding possible through the use of various different options, including:

  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Grants

Our Waukesha college planning advisors even provide month by month college planning checklists to keep you on track throughout the senior year of high school. Our financial aid workshops are near Brookfield, but have helped families around the state thanks to their accessibility. Whether you attend our workshops in person or online, we help you find the best college assistance. It doesn't matter if you are planning on attending public or private schools or if you're looking for specific minority grants in Wisconsin. Integrated College Planning is your best source for finding student loans in the state of milk and cheese. Know which college you plan on applying to? We serve students in or out of the state who will be attending one of our local centers of education, including: 

Wisconsin Colleges

UW-Madison UW-Stevens Point Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
UW-Milwaukee UW-Stout Carthage College
UW-Green Bay UW-Platteville Alverno College
UW-Whitewater Marquette University Carroll University
UW-La Crosse St. Norbert College Edgewood College
UW-Eau Claire Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Medical College of Wisconsin
UW-Oshkosh Wisconsin Lutheran College Mount Mary University

Free College Planning Consultation Milwaukee College Financial Planning Workshops MilwaukeeOnline College Financial Aid Workshops Wisconsin


Tired of wondering how to pay for college? Contact Integrated College Planning today!

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Providing the Financial Aid Help Wisconsin Students & Parents Rely on for Maximum College Funding

Whether you’re applying to a Wisconsin university, private college or an out of state school, we help you minimize student loans by getting the most from college financial aid programs, scholarships and grants. Our Waukesha college prep advisors help high school students maximize their eligibility for financial aid and devise a plan to pay for college in the most cost-effective manner. Currently, our average student receives $58,000 in grants over the course of their four year education!

Best College Financial Planners in Waukesha County | Finding Financial Aid Tips, Tricks and Workarounds

Integrated College Planning is well-known for providing the financial aid help Wisconsin high school students and parents rely on to get the most college funding possible. Our college planning centers of Waukesha County give you all the tips, tricks and hidden workarounds you don't know about to find the best scholarships and grants for your kids. At ICP, we not only help you get into college with our FAFSA workshops, but we help you afford college so you can actually choose where you want to go!

I Need a Student Loan for CollegeHow Do I Get Financial Aid in Wisconsin?

Most high schoolers and their families don’t know where to begin when applying for financial support. The biggest question we hear is “how do I get financial aid in Wisconsin?” It doesn't matter how many websites you visit or how many "tips" your counselor claims to give you on getting financial aid for college. Only the college funding experts at Integrated College Planning have the up-to-date resources you need to truly find the best money saving opportunities when it comes to college. 

Our college planning centers in Waukesha County begin by calculating your family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC), so you know what your annual out-of-pocket costs will be. Next, we look at implementing income and asset planning strategies which lower your EFC. We devise a plan to help you pay for college in the most affordable way possible, so you don’t have to spend your life savings on college costs. We also search out colleges and universities which are known for giving out financial aid awards consisting of higher amounts of grants and scholarship money. This search includes Wisconsin colleges, as well as out of state schools, ensuring your child finds the best school for their GPA, ACT or SAT score.

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Telling yourself "I need a student loan for college"? Integrated College Planning can help! 

Apply for Wisconsin Financial Aid

Our Consultants Breakdown the College Application Process

Once we complete the aforementioned steps, we begin the financial aid application process. Our Wisconsin financial aid advisors complete and file all financial aid related documents, ensuring 100% accuracy and timeliness. The documents our Wisconsin financial aid advisors complete include, but are not limited to:

  • CSS Profile
  • Custodial and Non-Custodial Applications
  • IDOC Forms
  • Verification Forms
  • Institutional Forms

Once the financial aid is awarded to the student, our Wisconsin financial aid advisors compare all awards and determine whether you should accept the financial aid or appeal the award.

When Should I Apply for Wisconsin Financial Aid?

The best time to apply for Wisconsin financial aid is during the student’s sophomore or junior year in high school. This ensures enough time to help you lower your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), based on the income and asset planning strategies we’ve provided for your specific situation.

The Financial Aid Help Wisconsin Parents and Students Trust to Make College Affordable

When it comes to qualifying for financial aid, grants and scholarships, Integrated College Planning in Pewaukee is Wisconsin’s #1 go to resource. We get you the most college funding, so you can attend your school of choice without taking on multiple student loans and tons of student debt. Whether you live in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, Ozaukee or Washington counties, check out one of our FREE college funding workshops in Southeast Wisconsin or schedule a FREE consultation at our Waukesha college planning center. We’re known for saving Wisconsin students thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs!

Free College Planning Consultation Milwaukee College Financial Planning Workshops MilwaukeeOnline College Financial Aid Workshops Wisconsin


Contact our Waukesha college prep advisors right now and schedule your FREE Wisconsin financial aid consultation!