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Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) Scholarship & Tuition Information

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Although its been more than 40 years since its founding, MIAD scholarships, grants, loans, and work study opportunities are still available for art and design students attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Both day and evening courses are offered at this four year institution, but even with the convenience of flexible scheduling, students can still feel lost when finding financial aid help in Milwaukee. MIAD gives students a great opportunity to potentially build a career off their creativity, but without the funds, it can be hard to afford even the first semester of courses. 

Integrated College Planning has been thinking outside of the box for years. We know there are students north, west and south of the city asking how to afford college without parents' help. Any type of private university tends to be expensive, but when students turn to our financial aid consultants in Waukesha, college becomes more realistically affordable. We've listed information on MIAD below, but if you have any questions regarding scholarships not listed or you're interested in our financial aid workshops, contact us today!

MIAD freshman scholarships include: 

  • New Student Scholarships
  • Merit Scholarships
  • Community Service Scholarships
  • Outside Scholarships
  • Heritage Scholarships

Popular Majors at MIAD:

  • Graphic Design
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Integrated Studio Arts
  • Time-Based Media
  • Illustration
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MIAD Financial Aid Office
273 E Erie St
Milwaukee, WI USA 53202
Finding the best scholarships at MIAD and filling out the MIAD application is easy with Integrated College Planning.  
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