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College Funding Specialist
J.W. Hyndman IV

I've been working with Chad at Integrated College Planning since 2012. I saw what an awesome impact Chad was having in families lives helping them through the financial aid process. I've had some great experiences and made some huge impacts in helping families get some great financial aid awards for their children. It's truly rewarding to see children with such bright futures come through the financial aid process with so much free money from such great colleges. I've seen so many paradigm shifts as well as taught so many people concepts they were unaware of. I absolutely love what I do every day!!!

I'm from Lake Geneva WI, I love golfing, canoeing, kayaking, boating and traveling with my beautiful wife and two great sons. I love so many different versions of music it's hard to pick one favorite! My inspiration is my father, who was such an intelligent hardworking man. He unfortunately passed too soon, but the time I had with him was amazing and I'm so fortunate to have known him. I've also been blessed with an amazing wife, who has been a great friend and incredible mother to our two sons.

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