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College Funding Specialist
Chad Harbeck

I started Integrated College Planning back in 2003. I had a client who needed advice about planning for college and he asked me to help. At first I was astonished about how little there is as far as resources about filling out financial aid forms and what colleges are really looking for. Then when I dug in even further I learned about some tremendous loopholes that allow the right families some tremendous opportunities for their children. Not only do parents find by utilizing our strategies that their child typically get great financial aid awards but they get to send their child to a school they never thought possible. I really enjoy helping the families we are fortunate enough to help. I'm also really happy we have put together such a great team to make this process as painless as it can be for moms and dads.

I grew up in Pittsburgh. I moved to Wisconsin to be near my Grandparents on Pewaukee Lake. I love the four seasons here in Wisconsin. I love hunting, fishing, paddle boarding as well as golfing and my favorite is boating on Lake Michigan and snowmobiling in the winter. I find inspiration in making tremendous impacts in peoples lives. That's why I do this! My mission in life is to help as many people as I can.

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