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I started Integrated College Planning back in 2003. I had a client who needed advice about planning for college and he asked me to help. At first I was astonished about how little there is as far as resources about filling out financial aid forms and what colleges are really looking for. Then when I dug in even further I learned about some tremendous loopholes that allow the right families some tremendous opportunities for their children. Not only do parents find by utilizing our strategies that…
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I've been working with Chad at Integrated College Planning since 2012. I saw what an awesome impact Chad was having in families lives helping them through the financial aid process. I've had some great experiences and made some huge impacts in helping families get some great financial aid awards for their children. It's truly rewarding to see children with such bright futures come through the financial aid process with so much free money from such great colleges. I've seen so many paradigm shift…
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I was recommended by a client of Chads to go see if they needed any help. When they offered me an opportunity I jumped at the chance. I've found that the process of applying for financial aid is so much more complex than I originally thought it was. I've helped friends with their taxes before and the financial aid process is just as complex. It's been pretty neat catching little mistakes in families financial aid applications that can cost a family a lot in grant money from the schools they are …
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