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Milwaukee College Financial Consultants Offer March Planning Guide

Wisconsin College Grant Assistance Experts Share Monthly College Planning Information for March

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Our college financial consultants in Milwaukee are experts in Wisconsin college grant assistance and planning. The time to start college is right around the corner, which is why our Milwaukee college consultants are here to help make sure you and your parents are ready. Our March college planning checklist compiles the most important information high school seniors and their parents/guardians need to know. Grab your parent or guardian and read below to say on top of your monthly college planning checklist.

  • Make sure ALL paperwork is completed: Although you may have completed and submitted your college application by now, it’s important to make sure all other necessary paperwork is completed. This includes sending in college essays, ensuring your high school sends your transcripts, sending your ACT/SAT test scores, and submitting any requested tax forms. Contact the financial aid offices directly to make sure they have everything they need from you.
  • Look for a summer job: Now is the time to start looking for a summer job. Finding a job in your field of interest will look good to colleges, help you gain experience, and help you develop and maintain a responsible routine you will appreciate in college. Not to mention you can use your paycheck to save up for any necessary college costs!
  • Apply to scholarships: Keep applying for Wisconsin college scholarships! The more applications you complete the more likely you are to receive scholarships to lessen your college tuition costs. If you haven’t applied for any scholarships, start now! Scholarship deadlines vary, so you’re sure to find a few Wisconsin college scholarships you can apply for today. Enrolling in our college planning courses in Milwaukee or other surrounding areas will help you get started.
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High School Student College Planning Checklist:

Parent College Planning Checklist:

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        Stay on Top of Your Student’s Checklist: Your most important job is to ensure your high school student is staying on top of their monthly college planning checklist. Review our February college planning checklist and make sure your student has addressed every step in the to-do list.
      • Attend Wisconsin Financial Aid Programs: Attend one of our free Wisconsin college grant assistance workshops so you can better assist your student with their financial aid needs. When you understand the Wisconsin financial aid application process, you can help your student get the most tuition assistance available. 
      • Seek help from Milwaukee college consultants: We understand how complicating the Wisconsin college financial aid application process can be. Check out our Wisconsin college financial aid FAQs for quick and helpful information on everything from college grants to the services we provide.
      • Visit college campuses: You should be starting to get acceptance letters, so keep an eye on the mail. Start to narrow down your list of school choices and arrange to visit the campuses.

Wisconsin College Planning for Parents and Students

Keeping on top of our comprehensive Wisconsin college planning guide ensures students and parents are prepared for every step of the college application process. We are committed to providing college planning services in Milwaukee and surrounding areas to make the process as easy as possible for students, parents and guardians. Our Milwaukee college financial aid consultants have years of experience helping families find the best Wisconsin college financial aid options. Keep updated on your Wisconsin college planning checklist with help from our Milwaukee college prep specialists.

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