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June Wisconsin College Planning Checklist

Milwaukee College Prep Specialists Provide Helpful Tips for Getting You on the Right Track

The Wisconsin college planning checklist for June is minimal, yet the aspects discussed in this article are important to properly prepare you for entering college. Our Integrated College Planning Milwaukee college planning specialists are experienced in providing month-by-month college preparation tips and instruction to ensure you feel confident and comfortable heading into the next chapter of your life. Read below for a list of extremely useful tips to keep you on the college track this month.

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  • Get a Job! This may sound too “parental,” but think of it this way: getting a job will help you save for college, provide some disposable income for your own personal entertainment, and begin preparing you for the real world. You'll get a better understanding of work ethic, as well as what you do and do not want out of a future job. Getting a job can be a real eye-opener into what the real world is actually like.

  • College Financial Planning Tips WisconsinBudget Your Money: While it feels incredible to be earning your own money, don’t spend it frivolously. Take time to budget out how much money you need to save for college on a monthly basis. Whatever money is left over can be used for personal enjoyment. Just remember to always keep college in the forefront of your mind, and you will save and spend responsibly. Be sure to remember college enrollment has a lot of upfront and hidden costs, so consider saving a little more than you think you’ll need. 
  • Consider Your Interests and Passions: While nobody expects you to walk into college on the first day and know exactly what career you want, it is still a good idea to start considering what you enjoy doing. There are many different types of jobs in the world and, unfortunately, most students grow up being exposed to only traditional jobs: nursing, teaching, fireman, etc. Whatever your interests and passions, there is a job out there suited for you. Get creative! What activities do you enjoy? Do you see yourself in a corporate setting, organizing charitable events, working outdoors? Make a list and write down everything you enjoy because if you have a job you appreciate, you’ll never feel like you’re “working.”
  • Find and Schedule Wisconsin College Prep Workshops: This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to feel truly prepared for college. All you have to do is schedule a Wisconsin college prep course, actively listen, take notes (you’ll be doing a lot of this in college!) and be proactive about the instruction and tips your Milwaukee financial aid specialists give you. Find all our Integrated College Planning Wisconsin FAFSA help workshops right at your fingertips.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: If you haven’t already done so, let your high school guidance counselor know where you are attending college (as well as the correct address), so they can send your transcripts. Also, make sure your guidance counselor is aware of any scholarships, grants or financial aid you may have received. Be sure to touch base with your college's financial aid office to confirm all paperwork has been received and is completed and ready to go.

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Wisconsin college planning seminars from Integrated College Planning provide you with the knowledge and skill set needed to prepare and succeed in college. Our Milwaukee college prep advisors answer any and all questions you may have about the entering this next exciting chapter of your life.

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