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Wisconsin College Prep Advisors Provide College Planning Tips for July

Pewaukee College Planning Consultants Provide Student Tips for the Month of July

Integrated College Planning’s team of dedicated Wisconsin college prep advisors have outlined the proper steps for students to complete during the month of July between high school and college. Our monthly college planning checklist ensures students stay focused, on-track and fully prepared for college in the fall semester. Below is a detailed outline of specific items students should address this month.

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  • Wisconsin College Planning for High School StudentsPrepare Paperwork: Make copies of all important paperwork, including financial aid forms, student loans and grants, health forms, high school transcripts and any other pertinent paperwork and file in an organized fashion (use filing folders, filing boxes, or file carrying cases).
  • Register: Work with your assigned academic advisor to register for the classes you need. Academic advisors will ensure you get your basic classes as well as stay on track for your chosen major and minor.
  • Take a Tour: If you haven't already, participate in a campus tour of your college. If you have missed or cannot make the scheduled campus tours, grab a family member or friend and explore the campus on your own. Campus maps (usually found in a university center) will help you identify buildings and navigate the best routes for your upcoming classes. Feel free to star or circle buildings in which you will be attending class. It can also be helpful to trace the best routes for getting where you need to go between classes.
  • Reach out to the Roomie: By this time you should have received notification of your future dorm mate (this is assuming you are living in on-campus housing with individuals you do not already know). Shoot your future roomie an email or text message or call them on the phone and introduce yourself. This is also a great time to discuss roomie likes and dislikes, as well as establish some ground rules. Some examples of great topics to address with your roomie include:
    • Study Habits: How do you study best? Do you need complete silence or can you focus with multiple distractions?
    • Sleep Habits: Are you a morning person or a night person?
    • Social Habits: Are you a social butterfly, or do you prefer to be alone? Do you want your dorm room to be a protected place, or are you okay with having unknown people hang out in your room?
    • Lifestyle Choices: Are you clean or messy? Do you smoke or drink? Are you okay with overnight guests? What type of music/movies do you enjoy? Are you okay with sharing food/drink/clothes? Is there a certain style/design you want your dorm room to have? Does your roommate share your ideas and want to collaborate on décor (even go shopping together), or do you each want to be able to decorate your half of the room how you want? 
  • Save, Save, SAVE! You should be stockpiling money from your summer job to pay for college necessities, as well as food, entertainment, and transportation. Stay on budget and remember to always save a little extra. After all, it’s better to have too much money than not enough.

Milwaukee College Prep Advisors Prepare You Every Step of the Way

Integrated College Planning’s Milwaukee college prep advisors are experts in the field. We know the best ways to prepare you for entering college and the best ways to help you survive and succeed in your first year. Don’t go into college without a beneficial financial plan or the proper tools. Get everything you need from Integrated College Planning. We will provide you with everything you need to know to understand what college life is really like.

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