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Wisconsin College Planning Checklist for February

Milwaukee College Financial Aid Experts Provide Important College Planning Checklist for High School SeniorsCollege Assistance Wisconsin

The Wisconsin college grant assistance specialists at Integrated Planning are committed to making your transition to college as stress-free as possible. With less than a year until your first semester of college, it’s extremely important to stay on top of your Wisconsin college planning to do list. As the clock ticks down, rely on the college consultants Milwaukee students and parents trust for thorough preparation and guidance. Our Milwaukee college prep experts have compiled a Wisconsin college planning checklist for seniors in high school to help you stay on track this month. Read below for the most important things you should be doing in the month of February to prepare yourself for college.

  • Don’t Slack: Don’t let Senioritis get the best of you in your final semester. It can be hard to stay focused on schoolwork and extracurricular activities when the only thing you can think of is the end of the school year. Your potential college will most likely want to see your 2nd semester transcript, so stay focused and finish your last year strong. Attend one of our college planning courses in Milwaukee area to help you stay focused.
    • Look into AP and CLEP exams: If you are planning on taking Advanced Placement (AP) or College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, find out when they are and what the requirements are. Begin studying and preparing for any exams you decide to take. Depending on your scores, you may be able to earn college credits.
  • Watch for your SAR (Student Aid Report): Your SAR should arrive about 3-6 weeks after submitting your FAFSA. When your Student Aid Report arrives you should:
    • Make corrections if necessary: Check for any mistakes and make adjustments through the FAFSA website. 
    • Update tax information: If you or your parents did not file taxes before submitting your FAFSA your Student Aid Report will need to be updated. Correct your FAFSA online for an updated SAR.
    • Add or Remove School Codes: If you have applied to new colleges or eliminated others from your list, update the school codes on your SAR. This ensures your Wisconsin college financial aid information is sent to all schools you are interested in attending.
    • If you haven’t completed your FAFSA yet, do so: Submit your FAFSA forms as soon as possible to get the best federal financial aid you can. If you need help, schedule a free consultation with our Wisconsin financial aid consultants or attend a free FAFSA workshop.
  • Review Acceptance Letters: You can begin to expect acceptance letters from the colleges you have applied to over the past few months. After receiving your acceptance letter you should:
    • Compare financial aid packages: Review the financial packages from each school you have been accepted to and decide which works best for your individual financial situation. Our college prep experts offer help finding the best Wisconsin college grants so you won’t likely have to eliminate any choices based on your financial aid offers. 
    • Visit your final Wisconsin college choices: After you narrow down your Wisconsin college choices, plan a campus visit. Even if you have already visited your potential colleges, it helps to take a look around a second time to see if the environment is really the perfect place for you. This will help make your final decision a little bit easier.
    • Rank your top choice schools: Based on the financial aid packages offered and your college visits, rank your top choice schools. Although you don’t have to make a final decision quite yet, start thinking about which colleges seem like a good fit financially, academically, and socially. Make a pros-and-cons list for each of your choices to help you decide.
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As the end of the school year gets closer and you’ve made it through most of the Wisconsin college application process it’s easy to lose focus on your college checklist. This Wisconsin college planning checklist will help you stay focused and prepare you for you final decisions. Talk to our college consultants in Milwaukee and surrounding areas for a free Wisconsin college assistance consultation and stay on top of your college application process.

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