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Wisconsin Financial Aid Specialists Compile Essential College Planning Tips for August

Wisconsin College Prep Advisors Provide Checklist for Seniors Preparing to Enter Their First Semester in College

It’s August, which means you’re almost ready to begin your exciting college experience! To avoid an anxious first day, Integrated College Planning’s Wisconsin financial aid specialists compiled a Milwaukee college planning guide which fully prepares you for a smooth transition to college life. This August checklist is sure to help you get your freshman year off on the right foot. Below are a list of tips to remember this month.

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  • Save Money: Yes, we’ve said it before, but stock-piling your summer savings is important! It’s easy to forget the how many daily necessities require you to dole out the cash in your wallet. You will need a nice stash of summer cash to account for extra and hidden costs including food, transportation, and entertainment.
  • Meet With Your Advisor (again): You’ll come to find your academic advisor is among the most useful tools you utilize in college. If you have questions about your schedule, meeting with your advisor helps you feel prepared. Frequent meets with an advisor throughout the semester keeps you on track to graduate.
  • Summer College Planning MilwaukeeFinalize Your Registration: By now, you should be enrolled and registered for classes. If you haven’t, get to it! Register for classes early to get the classes you need to fulfill requirements for your major and/or minor. The first semester of college can be tricky for eager freshman. You want to make sure you aren’t overwhelming yourself with an overly-ambitious workload.  Enrolling in 15 credits is a good place to start for most freshmen students. Once you’ve gotten that settled, it’s helpful to plan your day around your class schedule. How long will it take to get to your next class? Which way is fastest? When are you going to eat lunch? What are you going to do during that 4 hour break?
  • Pack: August is the time to start packing! Make a list of items you’ll need for your new living situation. Pack what you have, and buy what you need. Our Wisconsin college planning consultants have compiled a brief list of the most commonly forgotten items:
    • Storage: Chances are you’re new living arrangement will be much smaller than you’re used to. Finding storage bins to slide under your bed or in your closet helps you stay organized and provides more room in a limited amount of space.
    • Cleaning Supplies: Part of living on your own means cleaning up after yourself. To save on space, buy only the essentials like dish soap, bleach, glass cleaner, rags, sponges, and a broom.
    • School Supplies: It seems silly to have to include school supplies in your packing list, but it’s surprising how often basic necessities are forgotten. Pens, pencils, folders, binders, plastic paper protectors, highlighters, and notebooks are essential to your academic endeavors.  The key is to buy items which will best keep you organized. The more organized you are, the more efficient and productive you will be. If you do forget some supplies, the on-campus school store is likely to have what you need; however, it is far less expensive to purchase your supplies at a discount store.
  • Move in: The key to moving day is organization! Make a list, gather the items you’ve packed, label your boxes and check to make sure everything you need is there. Upon arriving to your room, it’s important to take time to setup your new living space. This is the start of a whole new adventure, so make it your own! Organize, decorate, and get familiar with the space that is going be your home for the next year.
  • Explore: Now that you have moved in and classes are beginning soon, explore your new neighborhood. Get to know the restaurants, entertainment, and most importantly your campus! Your dorm is likely to have study lounges, cafeterias, recreation rooms, a weight room, and other closely located resources to check out.

Using these Wisconsin college prep tips helps you navigate one of life’s biggest and most exciting changes. Being organized and prepared for your freshman year helps start your college experience off on the right foot. The most important tip Integrated College Planning’s Wisconsin financial aid specialists can give you is to work hard and stay focused.

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