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Wisconsin College Financial Advisors Provide April College Planning Checklist

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The Wisconsin college financial advisors at Integrated College Planning have years of experience helping high school students of all grades prepare themselves for the college application process. Although it is wise to prepare for college throughout your entire high school career, Wisconsin college prep and planning is most important in your senior year. We understand your senior year can be overwhelming and busy, which is why we’ve created a college planning checklist for high school seniors. This list will ensure you take care of the most important steps of the college planning process, so you can relax and enjoy your last year of high school. Read our April college planning checklist below to stay on track of your college application process.

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  • Choose a College: By now you may have begun to receive acceptance letters. Take some time and weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the college which best suits you. Some things to consider are academic offerings, student culture, tuition, cost of living, and entertainment. If you are struggling to figure out how to pay for your favorite college of choice, attend a free Wisconsin college prep consultation for expert advice on your college financial planning.
  • Submit Enrollment Fees and Notify Colleges: After you’ve found your perfect college, submit the enrollment fee to the college bursar’s office and notify other colleges of your decision. 
  • Study Up on Student Loans and Wisconsin College Financial Aid Lingo: Once you’ve decided on a college and submitted your FAFSA, you will begin to receive Wisconsin college financial aid information and offers. It’s important to understand these materials as they will have an impact on your future. Start by learning the Wisconsin college financial aid language like interest rates, grants, deferment, etc. When looking for a little extra guidance while trying to navigate the Wisconsin college financial aid process attend one of our college planning courses in Waukesha. Our Wisconsin college financial aid experts are highly respected for providing students and parents with valuable, trusted and accurate information on the Wisconsin college financial aid process.
  • Start Planning for Your Freshman Year of College: It’s still a little early to plan out every detail of your freshman year, but there are a few things you should begin to consider now: 
    • Will you stay on campus or off campus? Depending on how far your chosen college is or your own personal preferences you may want to stay in college housing, rent an apartment off campus, or continue living at home. It’s important to start thinking about your housing options early so you can begin putting together the funds and furniture necessary.
    • Need a car? If you stay off campus or at home you may find it essential to own a car. If you don’t have a car, now is the time to start saving!
    • Need a laptop or computer? Having a computer or laptop of your own makes the homework process much easier. If you buy a laptop or computer it is wise to start saving money now. Some retail stores will offer discounts for college students but technology is rarely inexpensive.
    • Registration: Find out when you can meet your advisor and register for classes. Look over the course catalog and find out what classes are required for general education and for your area of study (if you’ve chosen a major/minor already). If any of the classes you need have pre-requisites, consider taking those your freshman year to ensure you’re ready for the higher level classes. Your advisor will guide you through these decisions.
    • Orientation: Sign up and mark your calendar for orientation. Orientation is a great time to meet your fellow freshman and usually includes fun events and activities to kick of your college experience.

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Integrated College Planning wants to help make your college planning process as easy as possible. By following our monthly college planning checklists you can make your senior year of high school stress free and fun. Integrated College Planning has offered the college planning courses Milwaukee relies on for expert college financial advice and comprehensive information on the financial aid process. Trust the Wisconsin college prep experts at Integrated College Planning to help you get the money you need to attend your top college choice.

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