College PlanningWorkshops
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What Services Does Your Waukesha Area College Planning Center Provide?

Our Waukesha college planning center provides assistance with income and asset planning. We also help you navigate through the entire financial aid process, including:

  • Free FAFSA workshops
  • Calculating your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and helping you find ways to lower it
  • Devising strategies to help you pay for your EFC on a tax-favored basis
  • Identifying colleges known for giving out higher percentages of college grant money
  • ACT/SAT registration
  • Student interview coaching
  • CSS profile registration and application
  • Completing institutional paperwork
  • Completing and reviewing all FAFSA forms
  • Completing verification forms
  • Updating SAR
  • Evaluating lenders, federal Stafford loans and PLUS loan applications
  • Evaluating college financial aid awards
  • Writing financial aid appeal letters
  • Providing access to the Parent Resource Center so you can track your progress online