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About the Wisconsin Financial Aid Experts

Waukesha College Financial Planners with over 26 Years of Success

financial aid help MilwaukeeWith over 26 years of financial planning experience, our Waukesha college prep consultants have helped countless parents and high school students navigate the Wisconsin financial aid process. Since 2003, Integrated College Planning has consistently received an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for our work in college admission counseling, college prep and college financial planning. Every year, our educational consultants in Waukesha help hundreds of families finance college.

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Wisconsin College Financial Planning Consultants: Discover What We Can Do For You!

The primary goals of our college financial planning consultants is to maximize students’ eligibility for Wisconsin financial aid assistance, to help them devise the best college savings plan and to help them get the most college funding through financial aid assistance, scholarships and grants.

With the help of our Waukesha college financial planning consultants you can receive thousands of dollars in college financial assistance and limit student loans and debt. On average, an Integrated College Planning student receives nearly $15,000 in grants per year throughout their four-year education – totaling $58,000! From FREE local college funding workshops to FREE financial aid consultations, our Wisconsin financial aid advisors do everything possible to get you each and every cent you qualify for.

Our Wisconsin college funding assistance programs cater to students who wish to attend public or private colleges, including, but not limited to:

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How We Help With your Wisconsin College Planning

Our goal at Integrated College Planning is to educate the parents of college-bound students on how to maximize their eligibility for Wisconsin financial aid assistance and help them devise a plan to pay for college in the most cost-effective manner. Currently our average client receives $58,000 in grants over their child’s four-year college education.

Many families do not realize the amount of Wisconsin financial aid and Wisconsin college grants available to students, or how their child can receive it. We work with each family individually to find the right combination of government free financial aid and Wisconsin college financial aid based on your EFC, or Expected Family Contribution. We also offer excellent Wisconsin college planning workshops designed to help families of prospective college students succeed and get every cent they're eligible for.

Our History as Wisconsin Financial Aid Advisors

Since 2003, Integrated College Planning has helped hundreds of families with the Wisconsin financial aid process whilealso helping them devise plans for a financially secure future. Over the years, we’ve met many families who have focused their financial planning on retirement, yet have done little to no planning for their children’s college education. When it came time to look at colleges, many parents were left wondering how they were going to pay for college and still be able to retire. At Integrated College Planning, our two point approach focuses on helping families maximize their eligibility for financial aid and develop a plan for their future. In doing so, families can now send their children to the school of their choice without jeopardizing their retirement.

Why We’re Qualified to Provide College Financial Planning Services in Wisconsin

Having worked in the financial planning industry for 26 years, Chad has helped many frustrated parents navigate through the financial aid process. We have found that very few of our clients have a solid plan to pay for their children's college education. The lack of a plan to pay for college ultimately causes families to make bad financial decisions that ultimately affect their retirement. Our goal is to get our clients more college grants, the students fewer loans and come up with a cost effective manner for families to pay for college.

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