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FREE Online Financial Aid Workshops for Wisconsin High School Students and Parents

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Financial Aid Workshop WisconsinGet FAFSA Help and Assistance Applying for Student Loans, Scholarships & Grants

Milwaukee Financial Aid Advisors Help You with Your FAFSA Online

Getting a college education isn’t free, but it shouldn’t be hard either. With the free online workshops from Integrated College Planning, you can provide you or your students with the best financial aid assistance and FAFSA Consultation Company in Wisconsin. Our online workshops operate with the function of helping you minimize your student debt and maximize your Wisconsin college financial aid potential. It doesn’t matter if you plan on attending a University in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, or any other surrounding city. Having access to free online FAFSA workshops can be one of the greatest college planning tools you can take advantage of. Our online workshop helps students and parents:

  • Understand their Financial Aid Options
  • Learn about the Financial Aid System
  • Determine their COA and EFC
  • Figure Out how to Pay for their EFC
  • Apply for Financial Aid 
Free College Planning Consultation Milwaukee College Financial Planning Workshops Milwaukee

Building a better future for yourself takes a little bit of work, but with our Milwaukee college financial aid consultants, the best college grants and financial aid in Wisconsin can be at your fingertips. With years of experience helping students of all backgrounds and walks of life with our online workshops, any student from any Wisconsin city or town can receive college funding. Integrated College Planning has helped a number of students from high schools in Southeast Wisconsin, including:

  • Arrowhead High School
  • Brookfield Academy
  • Catholic Memorial High School
  • Kettle Moraine High School
  • Menomonee Falls High School
  • Milwaukee Lutheran High School
  • MPS Schools
  • Mukwonago High School
  • New Berlin Eisenhower High School
  • New Berlin West High School
  • Sussex Hamilton High School
  • Waukesha South High School
  • Waukesha West High School
  • Wauwatosa West High School
  • West Allis Central High School

Online Financial Aid Workshops WisconsinStudents: Curbing College Loans & Debt Online with No Cosigner is a Real Possibility

You don’t need to take out thousands of dollars in loans with a cosigner when you can qualify for a similar amount in college grants from the state without one. During our time in operation, we have helped students get up to $58,000 in college funding, on average. We understand starting college can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to start to get your hands on the best options possible. If this is the situation you are in, leave behind your concerns and worries about private and public school tuition with the help of Milwaukee’s best online college planning workshops. There’s no reason for you to avoid attending your favorite college simply because of costs and not having a cosigner. Our online planners make every type of education affordable. Easily find the right financial aid for your college or university by contacting us online or by phone today. Signing up for one of our online financial aid workshops will only benefit your future college experience - and your wallet post graduation! 

Parents: College Financial Planners Make Education Affordable

Helping your child continue their education after their basic schooling is a stressful experience for most parents in today’s day and age. With climbing college costs, parents have been taking money out of their lifetime savings so their child can go to school unaffected by the interest debt can collect. If you are considering borrowing money from retirement to send your kids to school: don’t. Our free online FAFSA workshops and financial aid planning helps parents save thousands of dollars in their child’s education. The cost of college financial aid services is microscopic in comparison to the amount of money you can spend on sending students to college. Send your child to the college of their dreams without going broke by contacting Integrated College Planning for the best online financial aid assistance in Wisconsin. Our online workshops will show you how to find the best college grants and scholarships in Wisconsin so YOU can save money and your child can attend the school of their dreams without digging themselves into unnecessary debt.

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