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Brookfield College Financial Planning Saves You Money

college financial planning Brookfield, WIIntegrated College Planning has helped Brookfield students and families afford college since 2003. We specialize in assisting students from families who may not think they’re eligible to receive financial aid.  Whether your student is applying to public schools or private schools, Wisconsin colleges or out-of-state universities, we offer a range of college financial planning services to increase aid, including:

  • Income & asset planning strategies
  • Grant & scholarship support
  • Lender & loan applications
  • CSS profile guidance
  • FAFSA workshops

We go beyond the basics to maximize your financial aid award, find grants and other types of aid and help you plan for your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Even if you think your household income is too high for FAFSA, our college financial planners can help you qualify or find other means of aid. Schedule your free consultation to find out how we can help you save money.  


Free College Planning Consultation Brookfield, WI


Free Financial Aid Help in Brookfield

Filling out FAFSA doesn’t have to be difficult. Our college financial planners offer free FAFSA workshops in Brookfield and surrounding areas. We’ll walk you through the entire financial aid process and provide tips and tricks along the way to help you save the most money. Sign up for one of our free FAFSA workshops or schedule a free online workshop.


College Financial Planning Workshops Brookfield WI
Online College Financial Aid Workshops Wisconsin


Our College Financial Planners Serve All Brookfield High Schools

Integrated College Planning works with students and families at any high school in Brookfield, Wisconsin, including:

  • Brookfield Central High School
  • Brookfield East High School
Save money on college - contact our Brookfield college financial planners for your free consultation!