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Would I Benefit from Working with a Wisconsin College Financial Planner?

Benefits of Planning for CollegeWould I Benefit from College Financial Planning?

Is Filing for Financial Aid in Wisconsin Worth it?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to access financial aid before finding the elusive answers to your questions. The benefits of planning for college can only be seen by students and parents take part in the process. You can't expect to save money on attending a Wisconsin university by searching for all of the same questions and scholarships everyone else is. To get a real advantage on finding money-saving grants and help, you need to turn to financial aid experts.

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Certain colleges you apply to will have non-need based aid available. The only way your family will be eligible for this non-need based aid is if they jump through the hoops and fill out all the financial aid paperwork. It sounds like a lot of work because it is. In fact, the requirements alone can scare busy parents and students away from even trying, but Integrated College Planning changes the game. Whether you have questions regarding scholarships and grants or you're looking for more information on other specific forms of financial aid, the benefits of planning for college with us are yours to take advantage of - are you ready to save money on your higher education? Find out what our college financial planners guarantee.

Even if I earn too much money?

We believe that everybody should file their financial aid forms because if you don’t file your financial aid, what are you telling the college? “You’re going to write a check for the entire cost of attendance!” And why would you do that? We also know there are a number of colleges with non-need based aid available, and the only way your student will be eligible for non-need based aid is to go through the entire financial aid process. Sign up for a free consultation with our college financial advisors near Brookfield to learn more.

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How do colleges determine financial aid?

The colleges are really going to base how much grant money your child receives on their ACT score. They’re also going to want to know how much volunteer work your child’s been doing. Are they giving back to the community? And finally, they’re going to look at your child’s grade point average and extracurricular activities. Learn more at our free college planning workshops throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

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What is “Expected Family Contribution”?

The Expected Family Contribution is the calculation the federal government uses to formulate how much your family is expected to pay for college. It’s made up of parent income and assets, child income and assets, number of family members, number of children in college, and the age of oldest the parent. You need to know this number because you might be able to lower it through income and asset planning. Sign up for one of our free online workshops to start your college financial planning.

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Are state schools always less expensive than private schools?

One of the biggest myths that we hear is that the state school is always cheaper than the private college. Many families when they’re looking at colleges get sticker shocked when they look at the expensive private college. Please don’t rule out private colleges. Many times with the financial aid they give away it’ll be less expensive for you to send your child to the expensive private college than the state school.

Contact our college planning advisors to find out how much financial aid your child could receive from state or private colleges.