College Admission Essay Tips for Wisconsin Students

Wisconsin College Applications: How to Get in with Your Essay

When sending in Wisconsin college applications, the essay is one of the biggest and most daunting parts about the college admissions process. It's important to really invest yourself in the essay and to have it proofed by a parent and a teacher.

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Below, ourWaukesha college prep advisors give college admission essay tips to help you write your best and most compelling essay.

  • Wisconsin College Application Assistance WaukeshaBrainstorm—When writing your college admissions essay, make a list of your strengths, passions and interests to get an idea of how you might relate topics or questions back to your personal experiences.
  • Choose a Topic Highlighting You—The college admissions essay topic should be chosen based on what you think best represents you, what speaks to your qualities. You may want to brainstorm on a couple topics to see which one takes hold best.
  • Create an Outline—Creating an outline will help keep your college admissions essay on point and in focus. Making bullet points for each section of the essay will help your writing flow.
  • Get it Out—Write a first draft without censoring your thoughts, grammar, etc. Get everything out on paper and then start to whittle away and correct errors.
  • Write Concise—Don’t confuse concise with short. A college admissions essay shouldn’t babble or lose direction, but that doesn’t mean it has to be short. Make sure the points you make are clear. Don’t use 5 words when 2 will do. When you’ve finished, come through your essay and make sure you’ve used complete sentences, you stayed on-topic and you’ve eliminated unnecessary words.
  • Give Specifics—Use concrete examples of how a person or event changed your outlook. Concision is key, but those who are reviewing your Wisconsin college application still want details that highlight you.
  • Get Personal—Those reviewing your Wisconsin college application want to get to know YOU. They want to see how your personality, interests and intellect fit into their culture. Be honest and be proud of the person you’ve become, what you’ve learned and how people or events have helped shape who you are today.
  • Bring it all Together--During the Wisconsin college applications process, you want to make sure your essay shows your personality, your interest, your intellect and your writing skills.
  • PROOF—After you have proofed your college admissions essay, it’s a good idea to get at least 2 more sets of eyes on it. Ask a teacher, parent, coach or mentor to check it for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as how it speaks about you. 

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