Wisconsin College Applications: What are the Most Important Factors?

Our College Prep Center in Waukesha Advises on the Most Important Factors Considered on Wisconsin College Applications

When beginning the Wisconsin college applications process, both parents and students often find themselves asking, "What's really most important?" Ourcollege prep center in Waukesha answers that question in detail by providing the top 7 most important factors on college applications.

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High Grades:
High grades being an important factor in Wisconsin college applications are not a big shocker. It’s important not only to have high grades and a good G.P.A., it's also important to show your grades have been continually improving.

Honor or Advanced Courses: Sometimes honors courses or advanced courses trump “high grades”. When reviewing Wisconsin college applications, it’s often more impressive if a student is getting a B in an honors course rather than an A in traditional curriculum. If you can handle advanced classes, take them. Just make sure they don’t negatively impact your overall G.P.A. if you’re getting anything lower than a C.

ACT/SAT Scores: High ACT scores and/or SAT scores are important, again, no big surprise.

College Admissions Essay: The college admissions essay is important. If done correctly, this essay can be the biggest factor in getting accepted to your college of choice.

Letters of Recommendation: Powerful letters of recommendation are important since they can demonstrate strong qualities about you that you may not have even known you had. Words like “integrity”, “leadership” and “initiative” are some adjectives reviewers love to see in college recommendation letters.

Free Time: How you spend your free time is also an important factor, albeit slightly less than the above criteria. Colleges like to see how you spend your free time. Do you have a part-time job? Do you volunteer? Are you on the student council? Do you tutor? What are your hobbies? Colleges like to see qualities like leadership, impact and initiative in your extra-curricular activities. Bonus if your free time activities relate to a college major or career path.

Portfolio: Including a “portfolio” can really make you stand out in a sea of college potentials. Portfolios can be creative writing samples, a CD of you singing, tutoring or teaching. It can also be a DVD of your graphic design work, videography, photography, fashion show designs, etc. The possibilities are infinite. The more creative you get, the more you’ll stand out.

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