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Scholarships for Disabled Students WisconsinThe State of Wisconsin, along with funding from the federal Department of Education, offers the Talent Incentive Program Grant, or TIP, available to some first-time freshman students who are enrolling at least half-time in a degree or certificate program at any UW campus, Wisconsin tribal college or within the Wisconsin Technical College System, as well as some private and independent colleges and universities. The initial award amount ranges between $600 and $1800, with continuing awards of $250 to $1800 annually. Our Milwaukee area college planning advisors can help you get the highest amount of college funding for which you qualify!

The student must be a Wisconsin resident who has been enrolled at least half-time in fewer than two semesters since graduating high school. Additionally, the student must both demonstrate financial need, as well as have a background as a non-traditional or educationally disadvantaged student. Non-traditional students include first-generation college students, students who require a special academic support program due to poor college preparation, disabled students, as well as new students who have been previously incarcerated.

After the student completes a FAFSA application, their school’s financial aid office or a WEOP counselor can nominate them for the TIP Grant.

If awarded, TIP Grant funding will continue for no more than 10 consecutive semesters, during which students must remain enrolled at least half-time in good academic standing within their degree or certificate program. If students who had been receiving TIP aid skip a semester, they will be ineligible for any continuing TIP awards when they return to school.

TIP Grants reward students who might be more easily discouraged to see their college career through to completion.

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