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Numerous charitable foundations, non-profits and estate trusts administer grants to new and continuing-education college students throughout Wisconsin. These foundations are typically private institutions dedicated to promoting education within certain fields of study, for specific population groups or purely for philanthropic purposes.

Foundation grants differ from government grants in that the application process varies from foundation to foundation, and awards are not necessarily dependent upon need.

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There are two general types of foundation grants: giving grants and service grants. Giving grants are awarded based entirely upon the application and acceptance process of the foundation in question, with no further conditions beyond proof of enrollment in higher education, typically by the following academic year.

Service grants are also awarded based upon the application and acceptance process of the awarding foundation, however they will also include further stipulations which may include a set amount of community service hours, or time donated to an organization.

There are tens of thousands of foundation grants awarded in the United States every year, with new ones established all the time.

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